David Martin's House Party Special Events All Star Ensemble, San Francisco, California.


David Martin’s House Party has been doing special events for over 20 years now; doing upwards 75 shows a year all over the U.S. and here in Northern California. Fortunately our San Francisco Bay Area based “allstar” ensemble has gained a remarkable reputation for our enthusiastic performances, incredible musical variety, and extreme care for our clients. 

The strengths of DMHP’s presentation are indeed our overall sound and visual variety, musicianship, flexibility, and energy! With our vast repertoire of over 600 songs and we love surprising our audiences. David Martin’s House Party can “turn on a dime” musically; going from 40’s, Glen Miller or jump jive swing to current “Dancebeat” or “Widespread Panic” independent; from 60’s Beatles and Motown to Reggae to Country to Sinatra to 70’s Disco / R & B to 80’s “New Wave” and Journey “Classic Rock” to 50’sElvis to New Latin/Salsa to Broadway Show Ballads to Mumford & Sons “new folk” to “contemporary hit” Bruno Mars and “Hip Hop” Black Eyed Peas!

Our goal is always to satisfy as many ages, tastes, and cultures that might be represented at your event. 

We bring to you a vast musical repertoire, focusing our musical and/or visual presentation for any theme, style period, or taste is very easily accomplished. We are happy to prepare special selections for any sentimental or just plain unique reason you might desire. 

DMHP utilizes wireless microphones and instruments; allowing the band to use the reception site in a more imaginative and interactive way; and also providing family and friends the opportunity to give speeches and toasts from anywhere at the wedding; assisting them in adding their personal touch. 

We simply wish to embellish your vision in any way possible. 

Thank you for considering David Martin’s House Party.